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At the time, the machine was one of the most powerful samplers available. The ASR Advanced Sampling Recorder was a true performance orientated sampling workstation, and did not require a computer ensoniq corporation additional equipment in order to create a complete song.

It included a powerful and flexible effects unit, polyphonic aftertouch, an advanced Ensoniq corporation sequencer, load-while-playing abilities, and a powerful multi-layered synthesis engine. After the Mirage, all Ensoniq instruments featured integrated sequencers even their late '80s and early '90s samplers providing an all-in-one "digital studio production concept" instrument.


These were often ensoniq corporation "Music Workstations". The manuals and tutorial documents were clearly written and highly musician-oriented, allowing the users to quickly ensoniq corporation satisfactory results from their machines. The company had much success with the SQ product line starting in the early s. All Listings.

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US Only. Finally, while the competition's products were continually evolving and newer technologies such as physical modeling were introduced, Ensoniq failed to follow the late '90s market orientation, often recycling old concepts on their new products. Masks are the large drawings of the chip that are photo-reduced to make the ensoniq corporation from which chips are made—a process similar to photocopying. All masks end up with flaws, both as a result of design problems in the chip itself, as well as side effects from the photo-reduction process; when a chip is made with this mask there is a chance that some of these flaws will ensoniq corporation up expressed on the chip.

If too many of them are ensoniq corporation, that particular chip will not work. If a chip design with five design flaws results in a mask with ten flaws in total, there is no point in making another mask because it will have the same five design flaws plus some other set of five copying flaws. So companies built chips with known-bad masks, threw away broken chips. In the s, this meant throwing away 70 percent or more of the completed chips; the price of a chip is defined by the yield, the measure of how many work for a given number produced, so improving this number can lower the price and raise the gross profit dramatically. Ensoniq corporation engineers had learned the trick of fixing their masks; this allowed them to correct the major flaws in a series of small fixes producing a mask with a low flaw rate.

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The company's production lines reversed the numbers ensoniq corporation were achieving; this meant. When the was announced, Motorola launched a lawsuit immediately.

Although the instruction set was not compatible with theit could be plugged into existing motherboard designs because it had the same functional pin arrangement and IC package footprint; that was enough to allow Motorola to sue. It was nearly identical to thewith only a few minor differences: an added on-chip clock oscillator, a different functional pinout arrangement, generation of the SYNC signal, removal of data bus enablement control signals, it outperformed the more-complex and Intelbut cost much less and was easier to work with. Although it did not have the 's advantage of being able to be used in place of the Motorola in existing hardware, it was so inexpensive that it became more popular than themaking that a moot point; the was so cheap that many people believed it was a scam when MOS first showed it ensoniq corporation a trade show.

Their moves legitimized theby the show's end, the wooden barrel full of samples was empty. The would go on to be one of the most popular chips of its day.

A number of different versions ensoniq corporation the basic CPU, ensoniq corporation as the throughwere offered in pin packages for lower cost; the various models removed address pins. Far and away the most popular of these was theused in the Atari and Atari disk drives; the was sometimes used in printers. MOS released a series of similar CPUs using external clocks, which added a "1" to the name in the third digit, as the through ; these were useful in systems where the clock support was being provided on the motherboard by some other source. The final addition was the " crossover "used.


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