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Bass is hard to get right with any format more so klipschorn bass SS but there are SS amps which make bass with the best tubes and there are tube amps which are not so hot in the bottom klipschorn bass. The short of it is find an amp which works they are out there.

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Glad that you found one Keep it for a long time. Best regards Moray James. Klipschorn bassSep 22, Messages: 26, Location: Out West. Something klipschorn bass definitely wrong. I'm getting too old to be down on my hands and knees wrestling a 45lb woofer into position!

Here's a couple of pics I took of the assembled midrange horns, drivers and crossovers used, along with the midrange platform boards I built to easily change out the entire top section from one horn to the next. Comparisons of the K5J and K horns - using any of the k55 drivers, with and without networks, show a great similarity to the tests done by Paul Klipsch when introducing the "new" k in the early 's. Originally, the K5J was klipschorn bass to the tweeter at approximately hz. Thus, I asked Bob Crites to make a modified "a" network with -1db attenuation for use with the K5J, vs.

This brings the sensitivity back in line with the woofer and provides a better apples to apples comparison between the horns. Now it's klipschorn bass to see that while the K5J is weaker on klipschorn bass higher end, it has some real punch in its lower range.

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They are incredible from 35 or so hz on up but, for bass nuts, a little lacking below. Solution: a good subwoofer. Klipschorn bass, that sounds like bringing coals to Newcastle. Klipschorn bass if you're really into bass, Khorns with a good sub give you the best of both worlds. Just be careful not to turn the sub up too much lest it smear the pure bass from 35 hz on up coming out of the Khorns.

I too once had Magnepan towers and loved them very klipschorn bass. I agree that their placement was very critical.


Depending on that the sound image wandered from a hole in the ground couldn't figure out where the image was to excellent depth and breath. However when I got a good image I didn't have much bass; get the bass and the image went to pot. How wide is your front wall? The only people that use the Khorn in half space are folks using false corners and locating their speakers out on the floor, like PWK did in klipschorn bass house. Most others are using eighth space loading.

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Klipschorn bass that affect the selection of drivers? So you didn't use a Jubilee bass bin to model because you don't have a Jubilee bass bin to measure against? I assume that the purpose of your exercise is to provide third-party upgrade parts for klipschorn bass Khorn bass bin? I have an aquaintance whom bought 4 of them and put one in each corner. It seemed to me that the topology would invite bass cancellation, but his ego craved the opportunity. I haven't heard the result yet. Wow, the idea of inheriting Klipschorns. You've got to be a special person to appreciate that event. I know as many people that would refuse to allow them to be brought into their house. Congratulations, I hope you love them.

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NonhumanJun 17, Thanks to Bert klipschorn bass his superb job. The well-known competition doesn't klipschorn bass bother to publish ANY specs about its products at all, claiming that any specs are virtually useless, confusing, and unimportant more or less. Getting their money away from them doesn't take specs of any sort any more.

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It's a WalMart world now. WIth all this talk about klipschorn bass response, I dug out literally my Nov. Heyser publishes a 3m amplitude response of the Klipschorn Fig.


In fact, klipschorn bass Hz, it's "ruler flat"? I guess that I should preface this response with an admission that I should not be responding to this!

klipschorn bass I tire of the seemingly never-ending need for some to klipschorn bass jousting windmills in their continuing effort to rationalize and justify a speaker they claim to love. One wonders even if they were to succeed if their victory would not be Pyrrhic.

He was in the military, where he measured sonic waves and vibrations of ballistics. He did oil prospecting for one of the largest oil prospectors in the country. But whether it was geothermal stuff, or ballistics and munitions, it was klipschorn bass about recording and measuring what could be done.I purchased a set of Khorns about 2 months ago and they sounded pretty bad without being used in conjunction with a sub. I upgraded to the Crites crossovers and decided to follow many who suggested tube amps.

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Don't think that only a tube amp can make bass with Klipsch or any. PWK published Klipschorn curves done with a swept sine wave, in an era in. The bass response klipschorn bass in the Audio magazine is not real, the.

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