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Office equipment needs to be develop ineo 6500 and trustable. Description This toner cloth acts like a magnet and attracts toner powder holding the powder in it's fibers.

After completing the alignment operation of the last paper [3], M18 rotates [4] to move down the saddle stitching stopper to the 1st folding position in the tri-folding. Page Stacker Entrance Develop ineo 6500 Control 6. Stacker entrance transfer control 1 Stapling mode the paper size is not A4, B5, or 8 x 11, without the bypassing operation Transmitting the FNS signal from the main body [1], the stacker entrance motor M13 turns ON and rotates in high speed. M13 rotates in low speed [2] to transfer the paper in low speed when the stacker entrance sensor PS5 detects the trailing edge of the paper. Page Stacker Paper Exit Control 6.


Paper exit belt operation The paper exit arm [2] mounted on the paper exit belt [1] exits the paper to the main tray in the stapling mode. Paper exit arm control 1 Stapling mode when the paper length is shorter than B5S in the sub scan direction Completing the develop ineo 6500 operation, the paper exit roller motor M7 rotates to drive the paper exit belt in the stacker section.

Page Stapler Section 7. The stapler at the rear also rotates. The movement is made according to the stapling mode. Page Stapler Movement Control 7.

Develop originál toner A04P3D0, magenta, 24000str., TN-610M, Develop Ineo +6500

In the tri-folding mode, it is used at the 1st folding. Page Folding Transfer Control 8.


Then, the folding roller drives the tri-folding roller. Folding transfer control The folding knife motor M19 turns ON [2] after a specified period of time since the folding pass-through sensor PS26 detects the paper and the develop ineo 6500 stitching stopper stops at the folding position. The tri-folding gate solenoid SD6 drives the tri-folding gate.

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Tri-folding 2nd folding operation The tri-folding gate solenoid SD6 [5] drives the tri-folding gate [6] to switch the paper path to the tri-folding path for leading the paper exited from the folding roller [1] to the tri-folding stopper [4]. Type Type Torque limiter separation type seat feeding device B. Functions Auto sheet feeding online Feeds the sheet to FS automatically under the instruction from the main body. The release arm [5] held upward by the spring [1] lifts up the pick-up roller mounting plate [4] to release the pick-up roller [3]. When SD and SD turn ON, the release arm moves backward, and then the pick-up roller mounting plate and the pick-up roller fall down by their own weight.

When transferring no or 1 sheet of paper, develop ineo 6500 separation roller rotates in the paper transfer direction to transfer the paper to the paper transfer section because the frictional force between the paper feed roller [1] or the paper and the separation roller [4] is stronger than the frictional develop ineo 6500 of the torque limiter [3]. Type Type FS-integrated type punching operation device B. Track your order Order number:. Are you buying your product from another online store?

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develop ineo 6500 Oversatisfied clients since All OEM product comes with a warranty direct from the manufacturer. Restrictions Banner printing is not an function officially supported. CL1 turns ON and the exit belt [4] is driven approximately 7 mm to convey the paper to the front side for every paper exit. It conducts the operation only when it exits the paper to the saddle stitching section. Page Guide Shaft Control 6. Mechanism The guide shaft [2] holds the fold line [4] from the bottom and makes certain of the stack [3] in the saddle stitch- ing section when the folding exit claws [7] exit the folded paper [1] to the saddle stitching section.


The guide shaft is projected [5] in sync with the paper exit only when the first folded paper for each set is exited and put away immediately to the folding section [6]. Page Saddle Stitching Section 7. Page Clincher Up Down Drive develop ineo 6500. Page Bundle Clip Drive 7.

The stapling position is different for every paper size to make the stapling distance half of the paper size. Page Saddle Stitching Hold Control 7. Mechanism The saddle stitching hold is the mechanism to prevent the paper misalignment at stapling. Mechanism The clincher shelters at the lower position to obtain space between the stapler and the clincher when the paper is conveyed between them. The roller [2] develop ineo 6500 to the arm [5] is pushed up and the develop ineo 6500 is contacted with the stapler when M20 rotates the eccentric cam [3]. Control The clincher moves up or down only in the saddle stitching mode. Page Bundle Arm Control 7. The bundle arm home sensor PS32 [1] detects the home position of the bundle arm.Download Centre.


Download drivers, manuals, safety documents and certificates for your ineo systems. Our download centre ensures that you always stay up to. Toner develop ineo 6500 Develop Ineo + A04P1D0, TNBK, A04P2D0, TNY, A04P3D0.

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