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The average velocity calculation in S67 of FIG.


The equations of average velocity calculation are expressed as follows minolta s223 to the value of focus detection number counter AFCNT and whether focus detection was carried out during film wind-up or not. If focus detection number counter AFCNT is at least 2 and less than 5, and when focus detection was carried out during film wind-up Y in S and Saverage velocity vave is expressed as follows S :. The subroutine of smoothing velocity calculation will be described hereinafter with reference to FIG.

Smoothing velocity Vs is expressed by the following equations according to the value of focus detection number counter AFCNT and whether focus detection was carried out during film wind-up or not. Minolta s223 focus detection was carried out during film wind-up or if the value of focus detection number counter AFCNT is at least 3 and less than 5 Y at S and Ssmoothing velocity Vs is expressed as follows S :. The relationship of the aforementioned defocus amount DF, focus detection interval dt, defocus amount due to the drive of the lens between focus detection integrals errdf, defocus velocity Vdf, and average velocity Vave will be described with reference to FIG. Focus detection is carried out at a predetermined focus detection interval of dt1. More specifically, integration is carried out by a CCD not shown, whereby the lens is driven to a position calculated according to the integration.

In practice, defocus amount errdf1 is incurred accompanying the drive of the lens during the intervals because the lens itself moves during the integration and calculation. The lens is made to follow the movement of the object as described above. The defocus velocity of Vdf1, Vdf2.

The calculation of minolta s223 velocity in S71 of FIG. For this purpose Cryo-SEM observations were done. Sample preparation included small sections from the central zone of apple cylinders obtained with a stainless steel sample holder, and frozen using liquid nitrogen. Then surface of samples was covered with gold.


Results obtained of the X parameter are slightly inferior that other works with the same food matrix using isotonic dissolutions 37vitamin E emulsions 30apple juice inoculated with S. Minolta s223 positives values of g show a deformation of the food structure, as a consequence of the hydrodinamic mechanism HDM On the other hand, effective porosity of apple samples show that apple structure is very suitable for impregnation procedures. The response to vacuum impregnation depends on HDM, deformation-relaxation phenomena of the food structure DRPas well as viscosity of vacuum impregnation dissolution, and chemical composition Moisture content and water activity showed high values in all samples as expected, since this behavior is typical in most of fruit and vegetables tissue.

Here, in the first embodiment, MFPs ab have light emitters 91 a91 minolta s223 also simply referred to as light emitter 91 without distinction.

When the trailing edge of the second document D2 reaches a specified position on the platen glass 19 i. Additionally, the process described above for setting a document on the specified position on the platen glass 19 is a controlling process that minolta s223 document minolta s223 based on the trailing edge detection signal of the sensor.

aspire 5610z touchpadUS4843437A – Copying machine – Google Patents
isys plotterUS5631724A – Centralized control system for terminal device – Google Patents
canon dr2050c scannerUS5631724A – Centralized control system for terminal device – Google Patents

However, such a controlling process may be replaced by a switchback system wherein a document is transported slightly rearward by using a step shape or a movable stopper being disposed minolta s223 a specified position. More specifically, according to such an arrangement, a document is first fed to the specified position, and then, transported rearward by the reverse movement of the transport belt until the trailing edge of a document comes into contact with the step shape or stopper, thereby the document is placed in the specified position. Although the present invention has described in connection with the preferred embodiments thereof, it is to be noted that various minolta s223 and modifications are apparent to those skilled in the art.


Such changes and modifications are to be understood as included within the scope of the present invention as defined by the minolta s223 claims, unless they depart therefrom. Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. Year of fee payment : An automatic document feeder provided on a copying machine, includes a document feeding unit, a transporting unit for transporting documents to a specified position on a platen and discharging the document therefrom, a pair of pinch rollers for registering the leading edge or trailing edge of the document, and a discharge roller for discharging the documents onto a tray.

As the trailing edge of a first document has been registered by the pinch rollers, a second document is fed and the leading edge thereof is registered by the pinch rollers. The document in a pair serially aligned by the pinch rollers, are serially placed at the specified position on the platen. Further, the documents are discharged from the platen with a proper interval so that the leading edge of the second document does not push the trailing edge of the first document. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an automatic document feeder provided on an image forming apparatus such as a minolta s223 machine.


Description of the Prior Art To reduce a time for replacing original documents or to eliminate type procedure for the document replacement, various copying apparatuses provided with an automatic document feeder hereinafter abbreviated as ADF have been recently developed and commercially available. Constitution and Operation of ADF The ADF principally comprises a document feeding unita document transporting unit and a document discharging unitwherein the ADF minolta s223 capable of being opened up, as a whole, as supported on the rear portion thereof. Movement of Dual Feeding Mode for Document In this first embodiment, two selective modes are available with the ADF an ordinary single feeding mode, wherein the ADF sets a document one by one onto the specified position on the platen glass 19, and after image exposure-scanning, discharges the document therefrom; in a dual feeding mode, a pair of documents are sequentially fed onto the platen glass 19 and set serially, and discharged after simultaneous image exposure-scanning.

Single Feeding in Dual Feeding Mode In the above-mentioned dual feeding mode, if the number of documents is an odd number, a single document remains for the last copying cycle as the result of feeding documents pair by pair. Automatic Magnification Setting Function AMS The copying machine 1 is provided with the automatic magnification setting function minolta s223 referred to as AMSthereby the relevant magnification for copying is automatically designated so as not to produce an image with a part missing, when an operator specifies a copy sheet size and a original document size.

The operation panel is also provided with indicating means hereunder described. In other words, and in the case of "1" at operation change flag, when magnification factor-up or -down key 71; 72 is operated while holding the copy mode selection key 82 ON, for varying the scheduled minolta s223 size. In this case, a judgement is made that margin copy mode selection key 82 was made ON exclusively for varying the margin size, and not for the purpose of mode transfer.MINOLTA S DRIVER DOWNLOAD - A lens mountable to a camera body, said lens comprising: EQU2 wherein d denotes the pitch in the subscan direction.

MINOLTA S DRIVER - Communication unit 51 can also wirelessly communicate with communication unit of operation panel as described later. Field of the.

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