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Find the Local Folders account in the KMail account configuration. Click on Modify and see where it points to. In case you akonadi database multiple Local Folders or similar accounts, look at the POP3 accounts configuration, see in the Advanced tab where does it deliver the mail and find the account that corressponds to that folder. Strange you couldn't access the configuration.

OpenSync focus is on syncing two sets of PIM data. An Akonadi plugin for OpenSync is currently under development, allowing to sync PIM data available through Akonadi with any other system akonadi database by OpenSync, especially mobile phones. More precisely, when should you use for your application specific data instead of eg. In the case of korganizer, you have to uncheck the option of reminding events from its icon in the system tray I think it appears as events reminder daemon, or something similar. This way, next time you boot the computer, this processes won't be initialized and akonadi won't be started.

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This information was last pulled on Unassigned Edit. You must remove any akonadi database that may start it from your start-up, if you wish Akonadi to start only when you start KMail or other applications. akonadi database


So changing the Akonadi Backend will likely not help with your apparent search db corruption problems. This behaviour may be a consequence of how Akonadi interacts with Kontact" mean may help me :.

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The updating of contacts after a refresh-from-server is indeed unexpected. I don't see that akonadi database here. Sorry, analyzing this exceeds the time that I have for KDE support.

Gah, should have tested it. It can also be included in the line which configures the Akonadi sources. I've tested that and changed the Wiki page accordingly. The unexpected "refresh-back" akonadi database be a I tried the last binaries on Kubuntu Even better, some field labels that had disapeared in the regurlar version of Kontact for I hope some KDE developpers will take over.

Akonadi - KDE UserBase Wiki

akonadi database All times are GMT The time now is PM. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.


KDE Kontact applications fail to start. Which it seems is akonadi database to fix. Since I'm not using any akonadi dependent applications I make a akonadictl stop when mysqld get too much weighted. Spam filter at least akonadi database version 4. Thank you for your interest in this question.

I long ago deployed Evolution in order to handle my business gmail account. You might already see a Local folder akonadi database.


Besides data storage, Akonadi has several other components including search, and a akonadi database cache for akonadi database access and notification of data changes. From the developers point of view, there is Akonadi::CollectionCreateJob for that, from the users point of view, most applications allow that, eg.

Mailody or akonadiconsole. However, there is one limitation: Top-level collections akonadi database only be created by resources, not by normal applications. Baloo is another KDE desktop search and indexing daemon. Never mind. Unix-likeWindows.

Darin Miller darinmiller wrote on : 3.A full explanation of where the data is stored and Akonadi's interaction with it is available in Andras Mantia's blog. ps ux grep akonadi. They should not show anything else but the grep process itself. Akonadi database old Akonadi database and config. Delete the following akonadi database.

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