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Inspect the sensing lever for multipurpose paper-end sensor PS Unsnag or replace it if it is damaged. Does jamming occur only when paper feeds from the multipurpose tray? Does the voltage rise from 0 to 5 V laserwriter pro you open the fuser access door? Restart the printer and observe the main motor. Does the main motor spin when the printer starts up? Does the diagnostic indicate a main motor error? Trace mechanical drive components from the delivery rollers back to the main motor, taking special note of the delivery drive belt. Clean or replace parts as necessary. Go to Table 8. Check main motor drive components for binding or improper installation.

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Clean or replace parts as required. Try feeding the paper from one of the other paper sources. Does jamming still occur? Remove the toner cartridge, hold the green knob, laserwriter pro lift the delivery guide.


Does the registration sensor arm move back and forth freely when you ick it with your nger? Check for obstructions, especially beneath the laserwriter pro guide plate situated between the pickup block and the transfer roller.

Are there obstructions? Is the trailing edge of the jammed paper about an inch short of the registration sensor arm? Remove laserwriter pro paper pickup block from the printer and maintain pickup connectivity. You will be taking measurements from the solder side of the pickup controller board.

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Does the voltage measure about 5 V normal and 0 V tripped? If paper has jammed there, especially if there is no sign of crumpling, there is almost certainly a failure in the delivery sensing system. Go to Table Result No Action Reseat the black ribbed paper guide. If this guide is damaged or unseated, paper may jam at the entrance to the paper pickup block. Clean the roller so that it forms a smooth gripping surface against the lower feed roller. Note laserwriter pro the upper laserwriter pro rollers serve other paper sources, so they are not likely to be the cause of the problem.


Is the multipurpose tray width guide set correctly? Is the multipurpose pickup roller slipping when it tries to pull in the paper? Set the guide so that it is snug against the edge of the paper. Reinstall or replace the multipurpose pickup laserwriter pro. If you have recently taken apart the pickup block gearing and paper has not fed successfully since then, the problem could be incorrect installation of the gears. Replace the multipurpose tray guide assembly.

Paper fed from the sheet feeder passes through the slit in the standard cassette located 2 inches back from the face plate. Make sure the standard cassette is fully inserted and that no blockage exists in this opening. The sheet feeder has one primary and two passive feeder rollers. Perform the sheet feeder laserwriter pro procedure and observe the functioning of the feeder components. Is laserwriter pro envelope feeder correctly installed into the printer?

Result No No Action Set the guide so that it is snug against the edge of the envelopes. Reinstall laserwriter pro feeder so that it is mounted solidly onto the black positioning pin in the upper-left corner of the pickup block opening. If the feeder isnt mounted correctly, or if the pin is damaged, the pickup block entrance may not align laserwriter pro. Refer to Service Source CD for more information.

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There should be a 1. Have you recently taken the feeder apart and has it exhibited this problem since then? Is the fork-shaped separation guide installed laserwriter pro This printer is often praised for low power consumption and affordable consumables such as the cost-friendly Apple Laserwriter Pro toner cartridges which are manufactured by Hewlett Packard or third-parties that use recycled materials. New laser printers are way faster than the Apple Laserwriter Pro LaserWriter Pro Technical Specifications. LaserWriter Pro lw Logic Board, Ports, Power. Processor:25 MHz.

PD Language. The LaserWriter Pro differs from the primarily in supporting the use of an external Laserwriter pro hard drive for font storage and including an AAUI ethernet.

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