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This is kyocera mita fs 1900 to erase any residual positive charges, ready to accept the next uniform charge. FS Paper feeding system The paper feeding system picks up paper from the paper cassette, MP tray, or if installed, the paper feeder PF, feeds it in the printer and delivers in the output tray.

Paper is feed at the precise timing in synchronization with data processing. The paper feeding system finally delivers the printed page to either the face-down or face-up output tray as manipulated by the user. The figure below shows the components in the paper feeding system and the paths through which the paper travels. The kyocera mita fs 1900, clutches, solenoids, motor etc. The engine board issues various signals in synchronization with the electrophotographic process that is executed by the main board. Current flows through Q and R, then the eraser lamp, activating the lamp.

Current also routes kyocera mita fs 1900 R and R as bled by R25 1. Point a below is approximately If the eraser lamp blows out or the connector is not fitted, current goes through only R25 1 and R, subsequently the potential at point A is as high as approximately 24 V.

Kyocera FS-1900 Service Manual

Difference in the potential at kyocera mita fs 1900 A where the eraser lamp is normal or not is automatically detected as an error. This in turn causes CPU U to determine that the eraser lamp is faulty, displaying Call service If the toner motor is overloaded by some reasons, an overcurrent may flow through the toner motor beyond the predetermined level, turning Q on. Consequently, approximately 3.

Thus, CPU determines the toner motor error and lets Call service be indicated. Engine board Figure Toner motor control circuit FS Heater lamp control circuit The heater lamp control circuit turns the heater lamp on kyocera mita fs 1900 off which is located coaxially inside the heat roller. The surface of the roller maintains the constant temperature needed to permanently fuse the toner on paper. The heater lamp is directly fed with AC primary power - V or V which is supplied from the power supply unit.


This voltage is used to continuously switch the fuser lamp on and off. Kyocera mita fs 1900 to section Fusing on page Abnormal temperature detection circuit The thermal cutout device which is connected in series with the heater lamp, constitutes the abnormal temperature detection circuit including of comparators U, R, R, etc. Pin 5 of the comparator U is continuously given with the voltage by resistors R and R, which simulate the voltage given if an abnormally high temperature develops. Pin 6 receives the voltage the thermistor detects. For instance, the heater lamp happens not to switch off, the voltage the thermistor gives at pin 6 will become unusually high, and as soon as it exceeds the voltage at pin 5, pin 7 of the comparator U output changes to L level.

Since pins 6 of the transistor QAA and 2 of transistor Q are connected to each other, pin 4 of the engine gate kyocera mita fs 1900 U, even though it is currently at H level, is enforced to be H level, effectively disabling the heater lamp. Pin 7, the output from comparator U, changes to L.

Then, it is output to 63 of CPU U which in turn determines that an unusual temperature has developed in the fuser, indicating Call service Thermistor blown-out detection The thermistor is monitored by the combination of comparator U 1R, and R Extremely low potential is applied to pin 3 of U by means of R and R Whereas, pin 2 is applied with the voltage the thermistor detects. CPU uses this signal to determine that the thermistor is faulty and displays Call service FS 3 Sensor board Paper gauge sensing circuit Paper gauge kyocera mita fs 1900 in four levels of paper remaining in the cassette. The height of the paper stack in the paper cassette changes the angle of the actuator. At the end of the actuator is a reflecting mirror which reflects or interrupts the light emitting from photointerruptor sensors PH and PH accordingly.

Kyocera FS Supplies and Parts (All)

CPU then issues signals according to the level of the analog signals. The resultant signals are used to monitor the amount of paper in the cassette through the network management utilities. Kyocera mita fs 1900 switches are controlled by the actuator which is mechanically activated by the projection on the top cover and the paper transfer unit. The top cover switch SW serves only the top cover. This model measures Kyocera FS - printer - monochrome - laser overview and full product specs on CNET.


This Kyocera Mita page printer uses PeerlessPrintXL to provide the HP LaserJet compatible PCL6 language emulation. Peer.

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