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Agfa ePhoto Digital Camera. Megapixel resolution adds to picture quality. Exposure priority adds exciting options. Click on the thumbnail pictures below for full screen viewing - Comments as applicable can be seen when you bring up the full screen view of each picture. Light Sensitivity. ISO Max.

Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

Self-Timer Delay. Exposure Parameters Exposure Modes. Some of its effects are quite subtle, others quite evident.


In this shot 1,k! Note that the sharpening is much more evident along the eaves of the house than in the fine detail of tree branches and pine foliage.

EPhoto CL50 User Review

To its credit, its effect on most of the fine detail in the image is fairly subtle, sharpening it without introducing obtrusive artifacts of its own. Digital back by the Denmark company, Color Crisp. In the early s Agfa produced its last film cameras. All that said, a particularly welcome touch on the is the option it provides for manual focus control, allowing you to preset the focus to distances of 1, 2, and 5 meters about 3, 6, 16 feetand infinity. We'd like to see finer manual adjustments, but having a manual function at all is a plus relative to most competing cameras. Digital Telephoto Mode So-called "digital telephoto" modes are increasingly common on digital cameras these days, and Agfa opted to include the feature on the ePhoto Interestingly, the LCD image in digital tele mode is every bit as sharp as when displaying full-size x images: In our experience, this is unusual, with the LCD display of most digital tele-equipped cameras becoming much more pixelated when displaying a cropped image.

We've vacillated a bit as to how useful digital zoom agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera, as compared to true optical agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera lenses.

Agfa Cut Price of ePhoto Digital Photography Review

Our current feeling is that it is a real benefit, as long as you aren't expecting to enlarge the resulting images up to full-page size. For web work, or small printed pieces, it can be quite handy, as a way to crop images at the point of capture, rather than later in an imaging program. It also permits more precise framing of far-away subjects, and saves in-camera storage for images that would otherwise be cropped anyway. Overall, we view it as a useful capability when combined with a true optical zoom, but in no way as a substitute for optical agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera in the first place. Exposure The ePhoto carries an official ISO rating of 60, somewhat lower than many current cameras. We found that its low-light capability belied the official ISO value, though.


The combination of these lens apertures, shutter speeds, and the official ISO rating would predict a usable illumination range of EV10 to EV This is a long exposure though, well beyond most people's ability to hold the camera steady enough to render a sharp image. Use a tripod when it's that dark! Some camera manufacturers have unfairly agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera knocks for "poor autofocus" in dim lighting, when the fault in many cases may lie with the photographer for not stabilizing the camera sufficiently. It's also true that a really great camera would have an ISO of or better, so you don't have to worry about camera shake as much: Rest assured we'll make appropriate note of and give due credit to any such devices when they appear! Although we found the ePhoto 's exposure system to be unusually sure-footed, it is still subject to being "fooled" by unusual subjects, whether a light object against a dark background, a backlit subject, or one that's unusually uniform in overall brightness such as a snow scene.

The range and step size isn't specified in the manual, but the difference in exposure appears to agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera about a half an f-stop, and there are three steps available on either side of the default. One minor quibble here though: Regardless of how good an autoexposure system is, we frequently find ourselves wanting to tweak the exposure settings of digital cameras. Thus, we prefer the exposure-compensation setting to be directly accessible, without having to resort to a menu system. On theyou have to journey to the far end of the menu structure and back again to set or remove an exposure compensation setting.

Once the exposure and focus is set in this fashion, they will stay "locked" at the selected settings as long as you continue to hold agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera the shutter button. With this feature, you can easily accommodate off-center subjects by turning to center them, locking the focus and exposure, then turning back to frame the shot to your liking before firing the shutter.

Flash The built-in automatic flash has a stated working range of 8 inches to 8. Software Type.

Battery Technology. Battery Agfa ephoto 1680 dijital kamera. AA - nickel metal hydride - standard form factor. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.IN-DEPTH review of the Agfa ePhoto digital camera, with actual sample images, and a detailed data sheet. Actual test images captured by the Agfa ePhoto digital camera.

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