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PoolDriver You need to buy the driver on the official i-net web site. OracleThin oracle. To check the expiration date, put cloudscape.

The Connection class has an auto-commit flag cloudscape core jdbc indicates whether it should automatically commit transactions or not. If you want to define your own transaction boundaries, call.

After you turn off auto-commit, you can start executing your statements. When you reach the end of your transaction, call the commit method to commit the transaction complete it :. If you decide that you don't want to complete the transaction, call the rollback method cloudscape core jdbc undo the changes made in the current transaction:. When you are done with a connection, make sure you close it by calling the close method:.

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The Statement cloudscape core jdbc defines methods that allow you to execute an SQL statement contained within a string. The Cloudscape system is not persistent; you must specify the location of the system directory at every startup.


Understanding the Cloudscape system is essential to successful development and deployment of Cloudscape applications. Figure Cloudscape databases live in a systemwhich includes system-wide properties, an error log, and one or more databases. The system directory can also contain an error log file called cloudscape. cloudscape core jdbc


In addition, if you connect to a database outside the current system, it automatically becomes part of the current system. You could potentially have two instances of Cloudscape running on the same machine at the same time, but each instance must run in a different system; two separate instances of Cloudscape should not access databases within the same system. For example, in an embedded environment, an application that accesses Cloudscape databases starts up the local JDBC driver, which starts up an instance of Cloudscape. In an embedded system, do not run both ij and Cloudview or two ijs, or two Cloudviews, or any two applications in the same system or on the same database at the same time; cloudscape core jdbc database corruption can result. The server framework is designed to allow multiple applications to connect to the same database.

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The default configuration for Cloudscape is that Cloudscape boots a database when an application first makes a connection to cloudscape core jdbc. When Cloudscape boots a database, it checks to see if recovery needs to be run on the database, so in some unusual cases booting may take some time. Because of the time needed to boot a database, the number of databases in the system directory affects startup performance if you use that configuration.

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Cloudconnector passes the following standard database connection URL to Cloudscape:. For example, suppose you have archived the database jarDB1 into a file called jar1. This archive is in the class path before cloudscape core jdbc start up Cloudscape. You can access jarDB1 like this:.

For example, suppose you have archived the database jarDB2 into a file called jar2. This archive is not in the class path. You can access jarDB2 cloudscape core jdbc specifying the path to the jar file along with the jar subsubprotocol, like this:.

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You can also specify these same attributes and values on the cloudscape core jdbc database connection URL if you are using Cloudscape as a database server. You can also set these attributes by passing a Properties object along with a database connection URL to DriverManager. To shut down the system, you do not specify a database name, and you must not specify any other attribute. A successful shutdown always cloudscape core jdbc in an SQLException to indicate that Cloudscape has shut down and that there is no other exception.

NOTE: Cloudconnector is cloudscape core jdbc down with a utility. See the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide.The Cloudscape driver class name for the embedded environment is COM. iver. In a Java application, you typically load the driver with. For detailed information about loading the Cloudscape JDBC driver, see. To restart Cloudscape successfully, the JVM needs to unload

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