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If you could be a little more specific and tell me where the jumper is??! Thanks alot for your help. The KK, on the other hand, has audio as one of msi k7t turbo audio prime selling points. It has, as standard, a C-Media CMI MX sound chip, which is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-features unit that should please gamers, home cinema enthusiasts and people who want to use their PC as a dirt cheap audio workstation.

MSI (Microstar) K7T Turbo Limited Edition drivers

If all you care about is positional audio for games, the CMI should do nicely. If you want more outputs, though, the KKPlus-R can oblige. It has the same three built in sound input and output connectors as the Msi k7t turbo audio Turbo, and every other ATX motherboard with built in sound. But the KK also comes with msi k7t turbo audio extra sound output bracket which you can install in any empty slot location on the back of your case. One of these connectors gives you rear surround speaker output, and the other one provides the centre and subwoofer channels, bringing the total up to a full home-theatre-compliant five-point-one channels.


The centre speaker output is msi k7t turbo audio one channel of that last stereo connector, and the subwoofer output's on the other channel. So i am lost right now. See details. Of course, taking the whole system apart is by no way a "regular" occasion, but a little better arrangement of the components would have been appreciated.

Another little nuissance was the inconsequency of the BIOS and the mainboard manual. One part where they differed was the already mentioned multiplier adjustments and the other being a misterious 66MHz DRAM Clock option mentioned in the manual.

Well, it wasn't available. Chapters Table Of Contents 5 Chapter 2.

Hardware Setup 2 20 Setup 3 Table of Contents. I'm just guessing since I never saw a paly core below 1. If your cpu could do 9x just fine, switch the multi before you flip the jumper and try that. Login Register.


Please login or register. I'm quite sure that this is also possible with the K7T Turbo. Terms of Use.

Select options to continue. Audio Compliant Standards. DirectSound, AC ' One thing i noticed was that as i explained, i was able to get PNP sound out of a Vibra soundblaster card. Which is a heck of a lot more than most people need, of course. But msi k7t turbo audio you're doing RAM-hungry things like msi k7t turbo audio graphics or video work, heavy multitasking, manipulation of giant databases or simulating a brutal gladiatorial spectaclegetting slabs of RAM on the cheap has never been easier. But most people are unlikely to care.

Iwill KK266Plus-R and MSI K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition

Both of these boards have on-board sound, but the KK's is rather more spectacular than the K7T Msi k7t turbo audio. In the olden days of, oh, about a week ago last Thursday, sound hardware built into motherboards was not a great thing. It often used cheap and nasty chipsets that might or might not work properly with whatever OS you wanted to use, and which were sometimes cantankerous about stepping aside when you tried to install a proper sound card instead. These days, built-in-audio motherboards are a pretty safe bet, as long as you don't want anything all that special. If you want hardware accelerated positional audio and similar frills then you won't get 'em; this is just the normal Via B ACcompliant sound package.

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Guest Guest. Although there are audio connectors onboard, I seriously doubt if the AC97 audio chip is present!?! PC Gaming.

Moderators online. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. CPU Interface. The K7T Turbo is based closely on the K7T Pro2 in terms of layout, but that board did not feature an onboard RAID option, so there were some significant changes made to the south side of the board, while the north part remains identical.K7T Turbo Limited Msi k7t turbo audio - AC97 Sound?! by Cohlrox on 12 Oct, Also, the setup menu doesnt even have a install on-board sound. I just got the MSI K7T Turbo with 1GHz gh there are audio connectors onboard, I seriously doubt if the AC97 audio chip is present.

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