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The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

Posted April 12, Could you please help me? Posted April 17, Posted May 8, Similar Papers. Citations Publications dimitrys sdhc this paper.


I fixed the problem, there wasn't enough capacitance and the bypass caps on the FTDI were making the open log work. Make sure you have bypass caps on your power supply, I added dimitrys sdhc 10uf about 10cm of wire away and a 0. Thanks for coming back to tell us how you fixed the problem! Decoupling capacitors are a hard lesson to learn. Glad to hear you got it working. For anyone pulling their hair out about updating the firmware, I thought I would add something that may be common knowledge, but it took me 4 hoursof searching through the Wiki resolved issues to find it.

If you are getting compile errors that say "expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ". They cannot just be unziped into dimitrys sdhc without this move. Can I use this device to receive RS data stream from another device and store it on a micro Dimitrys sdhc card?

I mean as simple as that? Do I need a Level shifter in order to use it? OpenLog expects TTL dimitrys sdhc levels. RS will not work and could maybe harm the OpenLog probably not though.


You'll need a MAX or a shifter circuit. How can I flash the last firmware into the ? I have flashed 'something' able to create a new file in the SD, but I get junk characters when I try to write some data sent through Tx. Please, help. Great little piece of hardware - I dimitrys sdhc able to build one dimitrys sdhc the weekend using the firmware, schematic and other documentation linked on here. My only hardships came about from not setting the boot size fuses correctly. I know you guys just did a write up on your open hardware business model, but thanks again for supporting the weekend hobbyist!

Been using these dimitrys sdhc for over two years. Latest batch will not allow me to update the firmware dimitrys sdhc my own, using the 'older' method. The only instructions I can find for updating the latest version is to use Ardunio stuff. Since I have a fully tested and working hex file that I want to upload, I cannot use the new instructions.

SDHC Driver for the Palm OS Released

dimitrys sdhc Anybody any idea on how to update the firmware I have a hex file with the latest post March bootloader" brand cannot read or write to the new SDHC cards.

This leaves everyone owning  Missing: DMITRYS. HOSTING.

PalmPowerups is hosted on the dimitrys sdhc machine as my personal page , so you need not worry about it going offline anytime soon.

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