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Download the Symantec Diagnostic Tool SymDiagwhich helps identify common issues, gathers data, and links to additional support resources. Thanks altiris svs advance for your reply. I was looking thru some notes today and came across something I had jotted down a while ago and forgotten about probably because it's not a free program.

Altiris Software Virtualization Solution

altiris svs It's another application virtualization program, written by the people who initially developed Thinstall, as far as I can tell. The other company names or products mentioned are or may be trademarks of their respective owners. Troubleshoot Bounce Back Emails Fix common bounce back email messages.

As is typical, all these applications don't necessarily work or play nicely together on Windows or XP. Getting apps and data into VSP's is altiris svs with an included tool.

Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) - Free download and software reviews - CNET

This version is the same as the regular commercial product shipped by Altiris, minus the server-side components for centralized management. Version 2. altiris svs


You can enforce license compliance, and you can set expiry dates or trial periods. The Altiris Streaming System also supports concurrent licensing which allows you to limit the number of users who can work with an application simultaneously. The reporting features are also quite sophisticated. It is possible to extract any altiris svs you can imagine about application usage.

SVS will definitely play a role in altiris svs lab's future testing. Altiris svs is bias because I do not have the time to sit with SVS in depth. I have been implementing Softgrid but keep in mind the outfit I am with is also an Altiris reseller. I am trying to figure out where this product fits in.

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I would really like this to be an honest session where we hash out the differences because neither vendor has stepped up to the plate to make this information available to the public. I hate marketing fluff altiris svs like knowing what the real deal is with some of these products.

Review: Symantec Altiris SVS Professional Streaming System

Softricity likes to play the blue screen card with SVS and maybe it has had stability issues in the past altiris svs I am more interested in a feature comparason to figure out how these solutions really compare to each other. I will say again that SVS is probably a great desktop product for most shops but I'd really like to know when shelling out the money for Softgrid is worth it. So far my implementations have mainly been Citrix related and that is due to the more complete virtualization of the application. The downside is with larger apps the VFS virtualization overhead could be too much for the user to deem it as a useable experience. I still have not fully kicked altiris svs around with the Softgrid 4. This is an awesome thread. Very informative.


Should it be moved to the Softricity forum under "Distribution"? Alas, I altiris svs the sub-forums get lost.

Read reply 1 Reply by Vansafe on January 15, I'm no SVS altiris svs but I know if you have a Program in a Layer you can save the data from that program to a data layer and not loose it when the layer is deactivated. Cons NONE. Pros Virtualization allows you to run a program without it being able to actually interact directly with your OS. You can then literally switch back and forth between 2 states. Some client sites I am averaging a rate of applications others I was down to a day.

It is true when an application does not properly altiris svs there is some troubleshooting but usually the issue is fairly straight forward if you are familiar with Sequencing though I will not deny that there is a skill set here. When you deal with virtual applications it is more difficult to deploy that bad package that blows up the desktop. I have to personally sit down with Altiris SVS because I do have nagging questions about the limitations of their virtualization and what they really are. Unfortunately my time is altiris svs tied up doing Softgrid work. I just didn't think the pricing was aggressive enough to make the argument to go with that solution on the desktop.

Anyway that is my take on things for now and my opinions do lack true SVS exposure. Support - Poor -- Little company 'public-access' documentation except for user forums -- Tech support - must pay for Premier support This is something that is a result of the Microsoft aquisition.end user during install · Symantec Workspace Streaming and Virtualization Documentation · Can I delegate what rights a user has on SVS? More Articles. Getting Started altiris svs Documentation · MySymantec · Support Resources · Contact Us · Article Subscriptions · Home · Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS).

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