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Purchasing a sand wedge.

Stop Sky Balling The Driver and Increase Distance How To Stop Hitting The Sky Ball

How to rent a villa in Algarve. Post-shot routine basics. Making a low iron stroke.

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Booking a hotel in Lagos. Getting rid of the push.

Share this video. For an iron shot that is fine, as the iron is designed to dig into the turf.

Stop Skying The Ball Forever

It may be a good idea to shorten the length of the club whenever the ball is sitting up in the rough. This can easily be achieved through gripping down on the club slightly. The results showed that the higher you tee it, the longer the drive will be.


It is natural to tee it lower to want a lower ball flight, but if you don't hit the ball at the bottom or the way up, the effect will be oposite. Don't forget to consider the loft how to stop skying my the driver, the flex of the shaft, and the ball. Simple things, but give that some thought.

I had a reg flex in a driver a few years ago and I skied that thing to death. Changed shafts to X stiff Aldila and got a more boring trajectory. To a lesser extent, the ball played will make a difference as well.

Lastly, any chance the ball is too far forward in your stance? Food for thought. Sky balls can happen when your swing is too much down. While the previous scenarios looked at several ball and lie situations that could lead so sky shots the following concern specific swing errors that can lead to the same golf shot error. Hitting down on the ball using a driver or fairway wood can indeed lead to sky shots, especially when the ball is sitting on a tee. About us We offer free tips and reviews on most popular Portuguese golf resorts. Plan your next golf holiday together with our how to stop skying my of professional golfers.

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Tel: Fax: Email: info algarve-computers. Your free golf holiday online resource. Watch more driving tips videos Tee height For anyone struggling with a sky, the first thing to check is how high you are teeing the ball. How high to tee the ball Ball position Your next checkpoint is your ball position.

How to Avoid Skying Your Tee Shot in Golf - dummies

A good way to work on this leg movement is to ask a friend to help you while at the driving range. Stand up in your golf posture as if you were going to hit a shot — but don't have a club in your hand.

Instead, give your club to the friend who is going to help you. Once you have taken your stance, ask your friend to hold the grip end of the club against the outside of your right knee. They don't need to push it against your knee, but there should be enough pressure so that you can feel the presence of the club. Next, make a pretend golf swing without a club while your friend holds the club against the outside of your right knee. With a physical reminder that you shouldn't be sliding away from the target, you will be more likely to turn in place without any lateral motion. In fact, if you do try to move to the right, your friend should be able to tell you of the mistake as they will feel the pressure against the club as they hold it in place.

Make a few practice 'swings' without a club using this drill, how to stop skying my then return to hitting shots as normal.GOLF DRIVING - HOW TO STOP SKYING How to stop skying my DRIVER >> There really is nothing worse than skying your golf driver, leaving a big scratch on the paint work. Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air Your hitting down on the ball – and sky shot issues – may be caused by a simple ball positioning issue.

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