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Impatient males with more eagerness than brains don't want to read manuals, even short ones.

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The quick start has everything you need to get linksys etherfast in short order. If you need the advanced features, like port redirection, a DMZ host, or PPP over ethernet, the manual is friendly and the configuration screens are kind.

Technical Specification

Five minutes after surfing the web, I reconfigured my PC to have a static IP address rather than the DHCP generated address, given to me by the quick start guideand set up port redirection for linksys etherfast web server. DHCP is great, especially if you take tote your laptop between home and work. The DHCP server replies, allowing computers to dynamically configure themselves based on what network the linksys etherfast is on.

Thus, you can conveniently carry your laptop into work, hook it up linksys etherfast reconfiguring the networking. Net novices may wonder if this router is a risk to have.

Linksys Etherfast BEFW11S4 Review Digital Trends

With all the media attention, you likely think an army of linksys etherfast and network savvy teens are just waiting for you to go online, so they can infect and hack your computer. I've never had a problem, but then, I'm cautious from where I download software and with whom I interact.

One risk is placing a bad password on your router, allowing others to reconfigure your network. I envision several lazy people not bothering to change the default password on their Linksys routers, creating linksys etherfast minor havoc.

Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router

However, because the router uses network address translation, you have the potential to be safer as outsiders see only the IP address of your router and not your host. So far as I know, the only listening port on the router is the embedded wed server and any in-bound port-forwarding you set up, so people trying to get in, from the outside, will likely rely on you to do something dumb. A few dumb things include an easily guessed password on the router linksys etherfast your first name, or the word "router" are really terrible ideas -- downloading software from any web page with the words "d00d" or "kewl," or setting up a web server from an old Linux distribution without checking CERT advisories for known security holes. linksys etherfast

More dumb things exist. Use common sense, but never fear making mistakes; it's just a computer. If you have several computers in your linksys etherfast and want them all to be networked, the Linksys can do the job.

No wifi. Perfect to expend your existing router with additional high speed ports. After using this router and looking back at my previous bouts linksys etherfast wireless technology, I am simply amazed. Wireless technology has come a long way, and Linksys has done a bang up job of bringing it to the average household computer user.

For the average computer user, this wireless router will be a good choice. However, I would be lying to you if I told you it was perfect, indeed there were often momentary lapses in connectivity and, as with all wireless devices, security is linksys etherfast very much an issue. The router includes a minute Net2Phone trial account, and we were pleasantly surprised at the audio quality of the calls.


Net2Phone is a nice option for broadband users who make lots of overseas calls. Les has been a contributing editor at PC Magazine since and linksys etherfast frequent contributor since Important information, e.

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If you linksys etherfast to have a look at the docs, they're available online from Linksys in PDF format. The power-cable is almost perfect, since it doesn't terminate in a wall-wart the size of a brick. Accepts Offers 8, Auction Buy It Now 13, Item Location see all. Bit Confused The DMZ host computer acts as a buffer between the outside world and your local network. This is a useful option for Internet gaming or videoconferencing.

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One of the few things wrong with the Linksys etherfast is its warranty. Linksys backs the router for just one year, while other such devices CNET has reviewed are covered for anywhere from five years to life. Community Forums.

Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts Trending Search forums.Get linksys etherfast for Linksys EtherFast® Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch.


Linksys guarantees that every Instant Broadband EtherFast® Cable/DSL Wireless-Ready. Router with 4-Port Switch will linksys etherfast free from physical defects in material.

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