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Another update late October, Working again. I'm not certain what was going on earlier, but I simply plugged my drives mediasonic blue eyes in today and it works. I also tested out the hot-swapping by plugging them in while it was running, and that too worked.

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It held the settings through mediasonic blue eyes power cycle and one sleep cycle Ubuntu I'll chalk that earlier failure up to user error Again the box is located in my computer room, not my bedroom, so it doesn't matter to me. I do notice a slight build up of dust, around the exterior fan casing, I have not cleaned the box out with compressed air yet, but I probably should do that soon. I run an air mediasonic blue eyes machine in my computer room, which I hope, reduces the amount of dust that builds up, in my electronics.

Some have also talked about replacing their internal fan to something much quieter. You can do this, but please note that the box uses a 2-pin fan connection which is not standard. So, you would more then likely need a 2 to mediasonic blue eyes pin fan adapter, in order to use a mediasonic blue eyes party fan. Food Cupboard Confectionery. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country.


Products of this store will be shipped directly from Japan to mediasonic blue eyes country. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. App Download Follow Us. The second tier brands offer cells that can be usually trusted as these companies will use their own name and just shrink wrap their logo on top of cells made from Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony, LG.


The third tier guys mediasonic blue eyes the ones you want to avoid at all cost, avoid it like the plague. These cells are made in China and are super dangerous, there are numerous cases where they've caught fire and exploded, burned down homes, exploded in someone's hand under operation, let alone falsified their capacity ratings, etc. They come in different battery chemistries that include Lithium-cobalt oxide, Lithium-manganese oxide, Lithium-Iron Phosphate, Lithium -Nickel Manganese Mediasonic blue eyes Oxide, and other chemistries being formulated. And then there's variables of trickery, something I experienced in a portable security camera power bank that happened to be using lithium-ion batteries.

I bought this from eBay of all places and it came from China surprise. Game Start Are You Ready?

South Island Lovers. Support HDR video content playback, more true and pure color performance and level of detail, such as real-life visual experience. Reducing color levels in the real environment due to the different levels of light and shadow resulting from the change, to show more natural rich color levels. English Arabic. Important Links. Showing of 16 mediasonic blue eyes. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Ok, so full disclaimer. I owned the aforementioned ProBox for about 2. I was having a problem with mediasonic blue eyes older tower disconnecting via USB, and if you google the problem, it's a common, known problem with some of the Mediasonic towers.

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During playback of a movie the tower would randomly disconnect itself, causing the movie to drop frames, then skip many frames to catch back up to current playback. Every single screw, cable, piece of hardware, including the fans were new. The NON-Raid version won't have the hardware to do it, however, if connected to a Windows or MAC, you can use software to create your raid array in the enclosure. I only mention this to be thorough, as I have no interest in Raid. Installing the drive into the enclosure was pretty simple, just screw the handle onto the front of the drive, pop the bay doors open, luckily we didn't need HAL to do that for us.

Remove the pressure plate, stick the drive in, replace pressure plate, close the bay doors. If you fully populate mediasonic blue eyes enclosure with 4 drives, in order to see 4 separate drives load in your OS, you will need to have port multiplier ability, which usually isn't found in motherboards, so you will have to purchase an ESATA card to put in your machine that does support it. However, if your going to be using the USB connection, you don't have to worry about that.

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English Arabic. Important Links. Once I stopped the third backup, both previous backups resumed at reasonable speeds.

I tested to see if this happens internally as well and it does. This tells me the controller may not be up to par.Buy Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay " Mediasonic blue eyes HDD Enclosure - USB If I kept this thing at eye-level, I'd probably find it annoying, especially with the lights close to your field of vision you'll go nuts from all that bright blue blinking.

: Mediasonic USB Type C 8 Bay inch Hard Drive Enclosure Blue LED's are very bright, and they are accurate and do make it easy to see.

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