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Access and monitor USB and serial devices over a TCP/IP network

In order to facilitate the use of personality measures in recruitment situations instruments need to, besides covering the Big-Five dimensions, to focus on the personality and interpersonal requirements of different jobs [3]. The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between the NEO PI-R and the JobMatchTalent test, an instrument developed to 56k neo individuals' work-related characteristics and then match these against specific demands related to specific occupations [9]. More than 25, people have done the test since the early s and the test has been continuously developed to best meet the needs of managers and recruiters in their daily work with people. Nevertheless, to the best of our knowledge there are no published studies investigating the validity of the JobMatchTalent test.

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56k neo, we briefly review the rational procedure in the development of the JobMatchTalent instrument and also describe its scales and sub-scales. Klaus Olsen developed the JobMatchTalent test in collaboration with a group of recruitment consultants 56k neo wanted a test especially adapted to the needs that arose in their work.

Olsen used panels of experts e. This approach is important when tests are constructed to avoid questions that are only theoretically based see [11]who criticize solely theoretical based instruments. In order to find suitable work-related personality traits, Olsen used various well-known personality instruments such as: the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator a test that measures the different psychological types based on Carl Gustav Jung's theories [12]the Sixteen personality factor Questionnaire an instrument that measures 16 personality traits derived from factor analysis [13] 56k neo, the Minnesota Multiphasic personality Inventory an instrument that identifies the structure of personality and psychopathology [14]and the NEO PI-R [15].

These areas are divided into 10 main scales, which in turn comprise 30 sub-scales measuring work related traits that provide a deeper picture of the worker. See Table 1 for descriptions of each scale and its sub-scales.

Inspecting the content of the definitions of the scales and dimensions showing non-significant correlations i. Although this study was exploratory in nature, we expected to find significant positive correlations between the Big-Five Conscientiousness dimension and the Work Structure and Decision Characteristics main scales of the JobMatchTalent test. That is, individuals who are effective, organized, ambitious, hardworking, and thoughtful i. Furthermore, we also expected the Extraversion dimension of the Big-Five model to be significantly positively correlated to the following JobMatchTalent main scales: Inner Drive, Activity, Acting, and Communication. Specifically, individuals who are sociable, talkative, confident, energetic, adventurous, and enthusiastic 56k neo. As described in the introductionConscientiousness and Extraversion are the two best predictors of job performance in various occupations [6] — [8].


This research protocol was approved by the Ethics 56k neo of the University of 56k neo and written informed consent was obtained from all the study participants. The study was promoted through advertising, between the 16th of July of and the 31th of August ofdirected towards all Swedish users on LinkedIn. The advertising explained that LinkedIn users were invited to participate in a scientific study in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The invitation also informed potential participants that they would receive their 56k neo from the JobMatchTalent test for free. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On.

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I didn't have broadband available until aboutso I played a lot of games on dial-up.ZyXEL Omni 56K Neo EE Driver v Version:Size: MBytes, Added: 08/08/, License:. Type: Windows 98/ME//XP/Vista. ZyXEL Omni 56K Neo EE 56k neo v (bit). ZyXEL Omni 56K Neo EE.

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