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In Septemberyear-old Elizabeth Bagshaw came to the University of Toronto to register for studies in medicine. She had just arrived in the city the day before from her family farm near Cannington, Ontario. When she entered the registration area, she noticed most of the women were in the line to enrol for arts courses. She ed the queue that was almost entirely men — to register for medicine.

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The rendezvous with the journalist and the photographer are part of the job — Timothy Findley has a new novel this fall — but he does it on his own terms and his own territory.

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It just happens to be downstairs from where they live when they are in Canada. Lunch is sorrel soup, bruschetta, and mussels with fennel, washed down with red wine, storytelling, and the rasp of thumbs striking cigarette lighters. We talk about being self-educated — Findley dropped out of school in Grade 10 — avoiding the barriers research imposes on the imagination, erecting creative safety nets, and negotiating the secret trade-offs that are essential to long relationships.

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Findley and Whitehead are as interwoven as a tapestry. Their devotion is built on a collaborative pattern of individual strengths and compelling needs that runs through their professional and personal lives.

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They met as actors here in Stratford; eventually both turned to writing, Whitehead as a documentary filmmaker and Findley as a novelist and playwright. Now Findley gardens and Whitehead cooks, Findley imagines and Whitehead drives, Findley makes money and Whitehead manages it.

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But mainly Findley writes — a book a year — and Whitehead types the manuscripts, copy-editing as he goes, through what may amount to 20 drafts of a novel. The house is too small for all but the most determined visitors.

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Even so, Whitehead has turned the garage into a writing studio for Findley. Canada beckons still, because ultimately the business of writing is here.

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Deciding where to live was a problem. They wanted to be closer to Toronto and to the airport than they had been in Cannington.

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What about Stratford? It knows how to ignore famous faces walking down the streets or buying groceries in the supermarket; it understands that writing is hard, dogged work. Finding a suitable place to live was tough.

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Whitehead says they listed themselves in the only condo building worth considering and went back to France to wait for somebody to die. Then a phone call came from a local entrepreneur explaining that he was developing an old building in the centre of Stratford into six condos.

Each man has a separate wing at opposite ends of the condo, consisting of a bedroom, a bathroom, and a workroom, opening off the communal kitchen and living room. The quarters are divided not by doors or barriers, but by colour.

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And the whole place is suffused with natural light. Whitehead is the organizing principle behind everywhere they live and everything they do, says Findley. They both laugh. What happens is more like a revelation than a conscious summoning, like leaving a door open in his imagination for somebody to walk in.

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That process is as true of Pilgrimhis new book, as of any of his other novels Pilgrim is reviewed on p. The theme — what is the point of creativity in a world riven by war and corporate greed — has preoccupied Findley from The Wars through Headhunter.

The idea for the character of Pilgrima being who cannot die, doomed to bitter immortality, came many years ago from watching the distinguished American novelist John Knowles lurch drunkenly across the lawns of the Atlantic House Hotel in Maine with his keepers in earnest pursuit. Findley admired Knowles greatly, especially his novel A Separate Peaceand he was shocked to see how little the novelist cared about writing or even living.

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Something about Knowles made Findley imagine a character whose creativity was blighted just as it reached fruition. For Findley, having the audience turn away from your best work is the most ghastly thing that can happen to a creative person. How could it not be? Findley has simmered through a large part of one very prolific and successful career.

Pilgrim has been stoking his rage through progressive centuries.

Doing the devil’s work

While Findley despairs that corporate forces are growing ever more dominant, he retains his faith in the creative process as he sends another novel out into the world. This is an important novel for Findley, one that takes more chances, pushes themes further, and wraps more into its creative embrace. By no means does he consider it a final book, although he allows that it could be if his age 69 and his high blood pressure conspire against him. For Findley, Pilgrim is a leap forward, and also a leap around the corner.

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But that, too, is what creation is about, pushing beyond the pain of putting one word after another on the and risking the unknown. Whitehead can and does provide the safe creative space in which Findley writes, but only Findley can go in there and struggle every day against the destructive forces and if he is lucky, brave, and most of all persistent, he may be able to slay the dragons and bring the trophy out with him.

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Timothy Findley. Job Board Writer in Residence Saskatoon.

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Junior Publicist Toronto. Inside Sales Representative Toronto.

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Managing Editor Waterloo. Regional Associate Marketing Manager Toronto. View All. Use our anonymous tipline Report a book deal via. Current Issue.