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Cj miles escort

Cj miles escort.

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Name: Nyssa
Years old: 25
Available to: I love dominant guy
Music: Heavy metal
Body piercings: None

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I know she used to be a dancer in Vegas and was available then but that was before she became well known. Now she has over 1M followers on Instagram and posts piks of flying to Dubai with high rollers all the time. That said, she's also on Supe doing cam shows for peanuts.

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I don't know what her escort rate is, or if she is even currently providing. But what makes you think the site is credible? Because it's on the internet? It may not look like it but that site IS credible. They've been taking "ripoff" reports from people for at least a decade. It's just an unfortunate taste in de. But I know that there have been lawsuits from people trying to get reports about them removed, and they've miles lost in court.

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I even know one or two people personally who have posted there, been sued for defamation and won their cases - that is, they proved that the postings were accurate. Now the validity of individual reports may vary. And I know the site doesn't do any vetting when a post is filed.

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But I can say that the posts on that site are just as legitimate as reviews on this site. I know someone in the porn biz that knows CJ. What she told me is that CJ keeps bugging her about getting into the porn biz.

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So it is a little odd that these reports exist, since it would seem that she has never done escort. Otherwise, why would she be asking about getting into it? I was being sarcastic. I put zero credence behind that website. Looks like someone with an axe to grind. She wouldn't be jetsetting around the world if guys couldn't have sex with her she ain't going to Dubai for the shopping! I'm miles there are miles possibilities but these are the most obvious. Like I said, that escort is more than credible and have been proven to be over the years. Don't go by looks. I'm not going by looks. I'm going by one website from not being a credible source of information since there is absolutely ZERO confirmation that it's true.

They don't do any fact checking and I could post that she's really a man and it would show up on their site.

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I'm actually kinda surprised you would buy into what's really nothing more than an unsubstantiated claim from somebody who by their own admission has an axe to grind for not being paid. But back to the original question please And I suppose the fact that she doesn't pay people, and avoids them makes her a "honest" person to do business with?

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Look, the point here is that when we consider what provider we are going to "hire" for our entertainment whatever that entertainment might be we consult various places including reviews here. Why shouldn't that information be considered? What makes the reviews posted here any more or less accurate or fact-checked than escort on that site? What makes posts here any more reliable than the information on that site? I could post here that she's a man and it would show up on this site just escort it would there.

Furthermore, I think the fact that the postings on that site haven't been miles after a lawsuit from her, says quite a lot as to its accuracy whereas I think a post here or there that "she" was a "he" would be quickly disputed and removed, probably after a lawyer sends a letter and possibly after a lawsuit depending on what policies are in place. In other words, posts here, posts on that site, posts on site X The post miles is one more data point to consider.

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Of course she could. I've already explained how that might occur. What makes you think a porn star who escorts wouldn't be the same?

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It's no more "uninformed speculation" than any other post in any other thread on this board. Although the HIV virus cannot be detected, they can miles transmit it to someone else. Thats why I never understood why the porn industry does not mandate condoms. Even if a performer has a negative test, they may still have the virus and can miles transmit to someone else.

This is a myth. According to the CDC website and many others there are no escorts that will hide the presence of HIV so that it is not detected. From one such site: " It is widely rumoured that there are drugs that one can take to get a negative HIV result. People have taken aspirin, ARVs Antiretrovirals and other drugs to influence the result ending up disappointed when they find that they are HIV positive.

Antiretrovirals merely slow the replication process that is, slows the creation of new HIV-infected cells but escorts not hide HIV. That is, the antibodies that denote an HIV infection will still be present in the blood and will show up on the tests.

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Can someone give me her direct contact info? I frequent Vegas quite often and have always stopped by at the strip club looking for her, but she's never there when I show up. I am miles like any other guy and there is only one xxxprovider I would even think of paying her high rate. Otherwise there are plenty of xxxproviders who do not changer these escort rates just because the chose to do porn. Lately I have seen some really bad reviews on some xxxproviders who have had consistent reviews. I am not sure if they did not meet the guys expectations, they were having a bad day, and etc.

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Anyone know what CJ's current rate is? Re: CJ Miles. Reply Quote Report. CJ Miles.

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I know nothing about CJ Miles Re: I know nothing about CJ Miles Good info HornySkeptic See my Posts 4 years ago 99 re. My 2 Cents. Posted By: jtmoney CJ miles contact info.

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