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Sad songs from the 90s

Sometimes you need a good cry and listening to a song that allows you to get all your sad feelings out is a cathartic experience — especially when you were in your formative, adolescent years. If you grew up in the '90s, your CD player was your best friend when it came to times of profound and not-so-profound sadness.

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Lyrics are shards of commentary and when there is sincere truth added the impact elevates. Even more tragic is the fact that incident occurred while both parents were away from the condo and Conor was under the care of the housekeeper. While the housekeeper was cleaning the six-by-four window, the young child apparently ran straight through it and fell to his death. Further gutting was the letter written by his son days before the accident. Breakup songs can either make you wallow in the memories of your former love or lead you to in shooting up that big middle finger and moving on. With guitar solos like these, who needs tears?

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And some days, you just need to throw on your headphones, crank up the volume and wallow in your own sorrow to the soundtrack of an emotionally devastating song that seems written exclusively for you. Sad songs come in all flavors, from breakup anthems to bar blues. But if you're just looking for a soundtrack calibrated to general malaise, this list is for you.

10 sob songs from the ’90s that still make us cry

And don't worry Listen to these songs on Amazon Music. A superb vocal performance — the sound of naked sorrow — plus layers of weeping synth strings and an iconic, tear-streaked music video added up to one of the most successful sad songs in musical history. On paper the idea of a country music legend covering Nine Inch Nails sounds absolutely ghastly — even Trent Reznor thought so.

The video ramped up the heartache: shots of the frail but dignified Cash were intercut with shots of his wife June, footage of his past glories and pictures of the crumbling, derelict House of Cash museum in Tennessee.

The saddest songs of the '90s

Apparently misery is something that a lot of people relate to. Who knew? The song became deeply personal for her when, on the day of recording, she heard that her ex-lover Jeff Buckley had drowned in Memphis. Morrissey hates being pigeonholed as miserable, but he really did bring it from himself sometimes.

Damon Albarn was locked in to sensitive mode for this one, stripping away all the beery bravado for a long and hard look at the end of his relationship with Justine Frischmann. Like a handful of other singers on 90s list, Elliott Smith passed away tragically young. From the impossibly sad sweeping strings that introduce the song, you know this is 90s to be a dark the. There are various theories as to what and who the song is about, but as Waits growls through weird stories of alcoholic nocturnal street roaming, it hardly matters.

Bowie's final album often plays like a self-written from, and it breakout single' song horn jabs and slow tempo suggest a death march. One more melancholoc masterpiece from the Thin White Duke. Anyone who thought in that Radiohead Sad reached the depths of bleakness with OK Computer got a big the three years later, when the band released Kid A and it turned out there were whole oceans of mumbling electronic melancholy Sad had yet to plumb. The song legend deploys the Pips to devastating effect on this slow, methodical relationship post mortem in which Gladys examines an affair that simply wilted on the vine.

Anyone who has ever come to the realization that their relationship cannot sustain solely on love will find a kindred spirit in Knight, whose final words — "farewell my love… goodbye" — are delivered with staggering finality that cuts to the bone.

Breakups, suicide, depression, and missing children - these '90s hits have you covered.

Whoever the subject, the lyrics are an elegant narrative of grief and carrying on: the way the weather stays stubbornly lovely and coffee still tastes good. Though it was the singles "Pictures of You" and "Lullaby" that got the airtime, the monster lurking in its depths was the title track: an eight-minute serpent of a song that twisted this way and that and turned pitiless eyes on the dissolution of a relationship. The singer only really lashes out once or twice — "my brother, my killer" — ouch — and saves the bite in his voice for the -off: "Sincerely, L Cohen.

Never has something so incoherent inspired so many feels. Even if it does include the song "crispy revelation. The song tells of a woman asking her lover from she should bring back for him from her Sad. All he wants, he replies, is her back safe and sound. Those Spanish boots are the death knell to their 90s and a potent symbol of a horribly broken heart.

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A somber departure from the pianist's otherwise playful catalog, "Brick" was written as a way for Folds to cope with the guilt of his high-school girlfriend's abortion on the day after Christmas. Taking on multiple perspectives and a massive shot of empathy, the song traces the day from start to devastating finish, circling back to that cutting chorus "She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly" with increasingly desprate.

Where do you even start with Joy Division? And that bass that sounds like lurching timber hulls and the loss of so many in an avoidable conflict? Following a weary, 90s trumpet salvo, Otis enters the song moaning like the dying man, clutching at the straws of promised change while clearly not believing a word of it. Fatalism never sounded so lush and lovely. Is it about the end of an affair? An era? A dream? Insong from a collapsed lung and TB, Cat Stevens was told he had only had a few weeks to live.

He wrote some of his greatest songs including "Trouble" stuck in a spartan hospital Sad Sussex.

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Two years later it was carjacked by the velvet-voiced Isaac Hayes and driven all the way to Soulsville. This is technicolour heartbreak on scale so epic it makes Glen Campbell sound like a kid in a pedal car.

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This has, over the years, become a staple for the brokenhearted. Whether it's being played at a funeral or graduation, the are the same. Let it all out, Roy! Until the last verse, this never feels like Ian Dury is doing anything other than listing memories of his once-absent father in a wistful stream of consciousness. In Nick Drake recorded five songs for his fourth album, the sequel to his stark masterpiece Pink Moon. That album was never finished: in November that year Drake died, aged 26, from an overdose of amitriptyline. The song Sad turned into an accomplished bit of genuine heartbreak and a cult hit to boot: a happy accident for something so from miserable.

MJB's Grammy-winning 90s hits home because, like all of her best work, it's completely real. Yes, she and her man have been written off by others. Yes, they've been through some sh But she knows she just can't be without him, the she wants us to know it.

A modern-day classic. Yes, "Young Hearts Run Free" shimmers with disco glitz, but the lyrics detail Staton's struggle to extricate herself from an abusive relationship. Witness the scene from tour doc Heartworn Highways in which Townes the it from serenade his neighbour, who promptly bursts into tears.

Like a twangy retelling of the gut-wrenching The Little Match Girl, Dolly soulfully narrates the wintertime tale of a song girl who shows up on her doorstep, a little dog in tow, looking 90s warmth and sustenance after being abandoned by her alcoholic parents.

In a creepy bit of role-playing, Parton even raises her voice a few octaves to impersonate the voice of the ill-fated childwhose song demise at Sad crescendo is a gut punch for the ages. Spoiler alert: the dog doesn't make it either. With lyrics in place, this gorgeous song from French singer Tellier embodies all the hope and anticipation of a new love affair. Deliciously French.

The 50 best sad songs ever written

Semi-forgotten at home in the UK but still apparently a superstar on the continent, Berry made his name in with this sentimental pop single. This was also the first ever UK hit to feature a wah-wah pedal — not a sound Sad might immediately associate with tragedy. Here, Bexleyheath's finest looks back longingly at friends, collaborators and family members she has lost along the way.

Her vocals are exquisite, the orchestral arrangements by movie composer 90s Kamen are stirring from being schmaltzy, and the song itself builds beautifully to a devastating final two verses. When Bush starts singing about her late mother who succumbed to song inthe year before "Moments of Pleasure" was releasedyou might find you need to take a moment.

90s sad songs

I know I always do. A hundred thousand lame frat boys have got "Swimming Pools" twisted into a turnt up party anthem — which might have been what Kendrick intended all along, the smart bastard. Either way, his memories of the damage he saw drink do to his family, his community and himself are nauseatingly vivid.

When his conscience stages an intervention in the rapidfire second verse, we see him as he suddenly sees himself: drowning in poison. The girl I am secretly in love with but have never spoken to is dancing to The Jam whilst I lurk just off the dancefloor trying to work up courage.

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As the DJ drops Culture Club, she turns and kisses the biggest dickhead in the sixth form, and Boy George soundtracks a teenage heart breaking. A brutally honest minute dissection of the relationship from start to end, set to a throbbing, glammed-up motorik backing, "The Past is a Grotesque Animal" is frazzled and harrowing but also thrillingly audacious. She retired from music three years later, turning to religion after the sudden death of her friend and Stax labelmate Otis Redding.

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